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Odissi is the classical dance form which originated in Orissa, an Eastern state in India. Odissi dance, which finds mention in the Natyasastra as the ancient “Udra Nrutya”, is a distinctive dance style of the eastern state of Orissa in India. Derived from the Jagannath temple related traditions of the Mahari (Devdasi) and the Gotipua (Boy dancers), Odisssi is an important identity of Indian classical dance and is noted for its sensual “lasya” element. Like Bharatnatyam, this classical dance is also centuries old. This enchanting classical dance form of Orissa traces its origin to the temple dances of the Devdasis (temple dancers). This classical dance diligently portrays the aesthetic charm of Natya (dramatic representation) and the brilliance of Nritta (pure dance). The feature that makes this dance form unique from other classical dances of India is Tribhangi. This is the posture the dancer attains when the body bends in three parts head, bust and torso.


Profile of Rajib Bhattacharya

About Me

Dance has always been my medium of interaction with the Almighty. From a very young age, I have found it easier to express myself through my dance and now it runs through my veins. If the cycle of birth and re-birth exists, I wish to be a dancer, a performer in every birth. In fact, I can take birth only to become a dancer. I had received my initial training from Smt. Sharmila Biswas at a very young age and moved on to complete my M.A. in Odissi dance from RABINDRA BHARATI UNIVERSITY, Kolkata. When I stepped foot in the world of Odissi, I could not rest myself. I immediately knew that I have to acquire more skill and knowledge.


Achievements and Press Review


"Srijan Chhanda" for performing arts is an institution which has dedicated its mission to the promotion of Indian Classical Dance and Music. As the founder of the academy and its Artiste Director, renowned odissi exponent Shri Rajib Bhattacharya, founded the school in the year 2000. Keeping in mind of his Guruji Shri Kelucharan Mohapatra's aesthetical beauty and legacy towards art form, he has surrendered in the feet of almighty.

In the academy, all the students are properly groomed and trained under the direct supervision of Shri Rajib Bhattacharya. He imparts the knowledge to the future generations and imbibes in them the nuances of Odissi dance of Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra Gharana and thus brings to them an interpretation of all that he has received from his mentor.

Inspite of nascent origin, the institution has proved to be the best. Many of the students are recipient of national scholarships (from Dept. of Culture, Govt. of India) of both junior and senior sections, fellow researchers and many more. It has brought to the forefront many young performers and continues to do so. Every year, Srijan Chhanda organizes 'DISHA' festival in collaboration with "Srijan" (the Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra Odissi Nrityabasa) and felicitates the 'Yuva' Pratibha Samman to the young and talented dancers.